Some people still have a knee-jerk reaction to the word ‘botox’, dismissing it out of hand without really understanding why. Cosmetic Doctor finds it one of the most successful, affordable and truly effective treatments for anti-aging, and have a large client base who feel the same.

What is Botox Exactly?

Botox Toxin is a highly diluted form of Botulinum Toxin. In its pure state, this toxin is dangerous, and was the cause of food poisoning back in the mid-1800s as discovered by German Dr. Kerner.

Further testing in Belgium in the 1890’s by Dr. Emile Pierre van Ermengem discovered different strands of the toxin that can make humans ill, and he named these strands from Botulinum Toxin A – G.

Throughout the 20th Century, many further experiments were conducted on Botulinum Toxin took place, and a Dr. Brooks found that small doses of Botulinum Toxin A could relax the muscles for a short period of time.

A Dr. Alan Scott started testing the toxin on animals, and conducted controlled studies on how a measured dose of Botulinum Toxin A could relax the muscles. The initial thought was to use the substance on people who were cross-eyed, to see if it would help.

Multi-Purpose Botox Approved for Human Use

After years of study, Dr. Scott got government approval for his work and was allowed to use Botulinum Toxin A on humans instead of animals. His results showed that in highly diluted circumstances, Botulinum Toxin A was safe and effectively treated those with crossed eyes.

Further investigations showed that a diluted version of the toxin was also highly effective in controlling muscle spasms, particularly in the face. In 1989 the FDA approved the use of Botulinum Toxin A for treating spasms and crossed eyes, and the drug company Allergan purchased Dr. Scott’s firm, and called the dilute toxin ‘Botox’.

Botox has Huge Cosmetic Benefits

It is now a trade name that belongs to Allergen, but is as recognisable as ‘Hoover’ or ‘Kleenex’ as a generic reference to ‘Botulinum Toxin.’ Its popularity kept growing, and the FDA approved its use for cosmetic benefit in 2002 to treat lines and wrinkles.

In 2004, it was approved to treat hyperhidrosis or excess sweating (Cosmetic Doctor also offer botox for this treatment) and went on to be approved for treatment of muscle stiffness after stroke in 2010.

Botulinum Toxin is one of the most closely studied, safe and effective treatments for lines, wrinkles and cosmetic as well as medical use available on the market.

It’s a firm favourite with millions of people all over the world, and if you would like to keep the appearance of aging at bay, just call to Cosmetic Doctor where precision use of botox will take years off your face.

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