dermal-fillers-summer16With summer around the corner – and that means it’s time to put our skin show. This can make many of us feel nervous and anxious, as everyone has problem areas on their skin. However, hiding away should be an option that doesn’t see the light of day – summer is a time to be confident and embrace vitality. But you may be asking ‘what if I suffer from signs of ageing, can I still enjoy summer?’. The answer is a resounding yes.

If your skin is suffering from signs of ageing – such as deep lines, wrinkles and sagging – dermal fillers are an excellent treatment option that will restore your skin’s youthful and vibrant look. They work by filling areas of the skin, restoring firmness and plumpness – characteristics associated with youthful and healthy skin.

A dermal filler procedure takes approximately 45 minutes to complete and is an excellent alternative to complicated and invasive plastic surgery procedures. The results from this treatment can be unbelievable, transforming a person’s look and confidence levels. Typically, the results last between six to 12 months depending on the dermal filler product which is used in the procedure. Clients can usually return to their everyday lives immediately after treatment too.

Why is important you look your best this summer? Because life’s too short to spend on the sidelines. A happy and confident self-image is the foundation for good mental health, so it’s important that we all make the effort to take care of our appearance. That of course doesn’t mean that the way we look should dominate our lives – but it’s about achieving a balance that makes us happy.

So, are you ready to enjoy your summer and live life to the full? To find out more about dermal fillers, please call 01 685 3100 and a member of our Dublin team will be happy to help.