Dr Lisa Fay Cosmetic Doctor baseed in Dublin

Dr Lisa Fay Cosmetic Doctor baseed in Dublin

Botox for cosmetic use is a highly purified toxin; and should only be administered by a doctor. Administering the correct dosage for each individual patient is vital, and identifying the individual patient needs and corresponding areas of injection is best left to someone with a deep understanding of the fundamental musculature of the facial nerves and muscles.

Botox ‘parties’, or venues where the toxin is injected by those who are not doctors or who have aesthetic qualifications only should be avoided; there are side effects and things can go wrong with botox. For this reason only medical doctors are allowed to administer the drug in Ireland….although this is quite unregulated. It’s up to you as the guardian of your own health to ensure you chose a practitioner you feel comfortable with; whose qualifications and experience are evident and who can address any issue, problems or side effects rapidly.

Each patient responds differently, so you should always have the peace of mind that you’re in the hands of a medical professional with extensive experience in the use of botox. The art and the science of good botox There is an art and a science to effective use of the product, so clinical experience and understanding facial symmetry is very important. It’s not simply a case of putting a needle into a muscle; each patient’s face, frown lines, muscle contraction patterns and facial balance must all be taken into consideration.

Poor botox results invariably attract a lot of press; celebrities who have had too much can indeed look startled and if you meet someone who botox work is very evident; the work was not subtle enough! The key is moderation and intelligent administration; tailored to your face.

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