Will botox get rid of all of my wrinkles?

Dr Lisa Fay Cosmetic Doctor baseed in Dublin

Dr Lisa Fay Cosmetic Doctor baseed in Dublin

No; it depends on the type and location of the wrinkles you’re concerned about.

Facial lines that exist when your face is totally relaxed are not very good candidates for botox.

These are called ‘static wrinkles’ meaning they exist whether you’re making a facial expression or not – they’re already too deep to be impacted by ‘switching off’ the muscle contraction that caused them in the first place.

These deep static wrinkles are better served by dermal fillers, which literally fill the creases to soften the appearance of lines.

Botox is best used on ‘dynamic wrinkles’; those that appear when you make a facial expression like a frown, and disappear (nearly) when you stop.

Think of your skin like a delicate piece of fabric being folded and refolded along the same crease – eventually the crease becomes permanent.

Using botox to reduce the muscle contraction causing these ‘dynamic’ wrinkles is what makes those wrinkles get released and go away, smoothing out your skin.

Dr. Fay and her team at Cosmetic Doctor will evaluate each patient individually, explaining what they recommend to address the lines and wrinkles you’re concerned about.
Many patients benefit from a combination of botox and dermal fillers to effectively address the varying types of facial lines.

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