Juvéderm Voluma for youthful definition

Dr Lisa Fay

Dermal fillers are a useful tool for restoring any area of the face that needs reshaping.

They belong to a huge (and ever-growing) group of injectable, biocompatible substances that smooth out deep lines, plump up folds and erase pitting from scars.

Fillers do what they promise. Injected at various depths into the skin, they ‘fill out’ targeted regions of the face to change, define or augment contours, or to give a full, lifted appearance.

Horses for courses, Voluma for cheeks!

Manufacturers develop different fillers for use on specific areas, and there are many types on filler on the market, including Sculptra and Radiesse.

At Cosmetic Doctor, we use Juvéderm Voluma for patients who have lost facial volume in their cheeks, need jawline redefining or cheekbone augmentation. We find it particularly effective for giving cheeks a youthful, firm and natural look.

Juvéderm designed Voluma specifically for use on age-related volume loss, in the mid-face and around the jaw. It is a smooth, thick gel that is more viscous and dense than the other products in the Juvéderm range. It combines with existing collagen and elastin fibres – the scaffolding under the skin that keeps everything up – to augment skin’s structure and flexibility.

After injection, we can manually manipulate it to get the shape perfectly customised to the patient’s face, to create a smooth, firm look.

What is Juvéderm Voluma made of?

Juvéderm Voluma is made with a hyaluronic acid.

Hyaluronic acid in found naturally in your body. It is essentially a chain of sugars that helps keep everything moist and slippery under the skin. It absorbs water, delivers nutrients and generally acting like a cushion.

Injecting it into the skin allows it to expand like a sponge, filling in deep folds and supporting sunken areas in the face.

The extra moisture then gives a lovely radiance to the overlying skin, and a dewy, supple texture.

How long will Juvéderm Voluma treatment last?

Once Voluma is injected it stimulates increased collagen production, which further firms the skin and plumps up where needed. This is one of the reasons that the effects of your Voluma treatment will last for a long time.

Responses to all injectable fillers are subjective and vary by patient, depending on age, skin type and other factors. However, you can expect results to last up to about 18 months.

One of the other advantages of Voluma is that it’s reversible. If necessary, we can neutralise or ‘resolve’ the hyaluronic acid with an injection of the enzyme hyaluronidase. We’ve never needed to, but it’s good to know!

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