Before and After Dermal Filler in Nose

Here are some before and after photos of dermal filler in nose.

Nose Reshaping with Dermal Filler - Julija

A non-surgical nose job is a procedure in which dermal fillers, most commonly hyaluronic acid such as Juvederm or restylane are used to improve the shape and profile of a person’s nose without invasive surgery.

The dermal filler fills in depressed areas on the nose, lifting the tip or softening the appearance of bumps on the bridge.

Julija, one of our staff members at cosmeticdoctor had dermal filler injected into the following areas:

  • the nose bridge to change the area above the hump, causing it to start at a higher and more aesthetically pleasing position.
  • the columella or base of the nose to improve the columella-labial angle (angle between base nose and upper lip), which can elevate the tip.

The biggest concern patients have is whether injecting filler into nose would make their nose look bigger. Actually after treatment the nose can actually appear smaller.

Dermal fillers can be used to treat a dorsal hump on the nose, to straighten the nose, elevate the tip and for contouring uneven noses post injury.

The ideal candidate is someone who has a small bump on their nose or who requests elevation on their tip.

Below are other examples of our work at cosmeticdoctor. In these cases juvederm ultra was used.

Nose Reshaping with Dermal Fillers – Case 2

Before and after photos of dermal filler in nose.

Non-Surgical Nose Reshaping - Case 2