Make-up for Acne

Glo Minerals makeup is much beloved of Beauty Editors everywhere, and once you try it; it’s easy to see why. Cosmetic Doctor staff use it as their makeup of choice and recommend it to patients who have skin issues they’d like to hide without heavy makeup.

Mineral-based make-up has become increasingly poplar in recent years as women seek a more natural look but still want to conceal flaws and even out skin tone, without making themselves look as if they have layered on foundation with a trowel.

Nurtures Skin; light as a feather

Glo Mineral products are skin nurturing, with impressively advanced formulations that combine pharmaceutical-grade ingredients, natural high-pigment minerals and lots of antioxidants.

It looks light, but gives great coverage and a broad spectrum UV protection; while also helping combat free radical damage.

The range of foundations offers three different types depending on what you find easiest to apply; pressed base, loose base, or liquid base in a range of colours suitable for all skin types.

No Animal Testing

The pressed base has gotten a lot of good press; it is applied with the Glo-Minerals Ultra Brush for a really flawless finish. The brush is specifically designed to hold the powder and give an even application; it’s made from squirrel tail hair. (Note to squirrel lovers: there is no cruelty to the squirrels in the making of the brushes and none of the products are tested on animals.)

This hair holds the foundation so you can then use your brush to top up your make up later in the day, without having to use more powder. Moisturise skin well to give the powder a good base on which to set; start by applying in small circular motions and add as you wish.

Ideal for Acne and Rosacea Sufferers

Mineral make-up is perfect for camouflaging any redness, especially after a recent IPL or skin treatment, and won’t harm your skin. Its anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial, and works well on skins with hyperpigmentation or brown marks.

Acne sufferers can also use Glo Minerals safely, and it allows the skin to breath without clogging pores.

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