Intracel – The Next Generation in Acne Scarring Treatments

Acne scarring can affect up to 10% of people at some point in their lives. For individuals with acne scarring, it can have significant repercussions on their self esteem and psychological well being. It can affect some sufferers to such a degree that depression may occur and it can hold them back in achieving their goals in life. Indeed it can shape their perception of their appearance. Thankfully with new treatments we can improve the appearance of acne scarring. We cannot guarantee that your scarring will disappear completely but significant improvements are now attainable with minimum downtime and risks. Improvements of up to 60% are now possible over a few treatment sessions.
Acne scar treatments are often one of the most difficult procedures however the results can be very rewarding.

Types of acne scarring are listed below:

  • Rolling scars – rolling or undulated scars like hollows and valleys
  • Boxcar scars – rectangular in appearance
  • Ice pick scars – these are pitted scars and are the most difficult to treat
  • Atrophic scars – flat, thin scars or depressed scars
  • Hypertrophic or keloid scars – thick lumpy scars.

Some acne scars may even have associated colour changes:

  • Postinflammatory erythema – these types os scars are more common in fair skinned individuals and look pink or red in colour.
  • Postinflammatory pigmentation – brown marks (pigmentation) most commonly seen in dark skinned induviduals or people who tan easily
  • Postinflammatory hypopigmentation – white marks

Previously in our clinic, we used vascular lasers and the dermapen micro needling device to improve red rolling acne scars. Whilst the results were good they did not compare to the results which are now possible with the INTRAcel device.

What is so special about INTRAcel acne scarring treatments?

INTRAcel is a revolutionary device which can only be performed by a doctor and cleverly combines two well-established treatment modalities, micro-needling and radio-frequency (RF) skin tightening. Radiofrequency kick starts the skins natural regeneration process by heating the lower layers and stimulates the production of collagen. New collagen production results in an improvement in the appearance of acne scarring. What makes it so special is that it is fractionated which means that it treats microscopic areas of skin at a time therefore your skin recovers quickly. This highly effective treatment ensures all the benefits without the downtime. With INTRAcel acne scarring treatment you do not have to hide away for weeks or take time off work. You can resume normal activities within 24-48 hours. Usually 3-4 treatments are necessary but you will see the effects and benefits even after your first treatment.

What happens during your INTRAcel treatment?

A strong anaesthetic cream is applied to your skin for one hour to maximise your comfort during your treatment. Your skin is cleansed with alcohol pre treatment to minimise the risk of infection. During the treatment the INTRAcel machine treatment head is applied to the skin. When the machine is fired tiny needles pierce the skin to deliver the radiofrequency energy into the dermis to stimulate the fibroblasts which are the collagen producing cells. usually between 2-3 passes are performed during each session.

Immediately after the treatment you will look red as if you have been sitting in the sun all day. However this subsides over 24-48 hours.

On the 1st day after treatment some residual redness is usual. Pinpoint marks may be visible on the treated area. After 24 hours it is possible to use makeup so you can resume your normal activities.

On 2nd day after your treatment almost all redness has subsided. You may look a little pink but this is barely noticeable.

INTRAcel for acne scarring can significantly improve the appearance of acne scars and give you a renewed confidence. Intracel is non-invasive, clinically proven to be safe for the treatment of acne scars and can guarantee a change you just can’t get from lotions and creams.

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