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Dr. Zein Obagi has become a household name; forever associated with extraordinarily effective skin products. He recently developed two new lines of his own skin health products, and his newest ZO Medical range is ideal for patients who are sick of dealing with acne.

Cosmetic Doctor in Stillorgan, Dublin run an acne clinic and have a lot of experience is helping people who want to be free from blemishes, scarring and discolouration. ZO Medical has proven to be an excellent range for many acne patients.

Acne more common than you might imagine

Acne affects individuals of all ages; it is to be expected in your teens but suffering from acne as you get older is terribly distressing and has a huge impact of self-esteem for men and women alike. It will impact about 60% of the population at some point.

Acne can be caused in part by hormonal fluctuations, stress, diet, medications, genetics, cosmetics or environmental irritants. It’s actually quite common, and is influenced by variety of factors.

Large or Overactive Oil Glands

When oil glands are overactive, excess oil (or ‘sebum’) is produced. When this overproduction of sebum gets mixed in with dead surface skin cells, oil and debris trapped under the skin becomes a whitehead or blackhead.

Bacteria and clogged pores (whiteheads and blackheads) can become very inflamed and may even rupture, leading to red, painful, cystic acne lesions. Cystic acne often results in scarring; therefore medical treatment is always required. Certain dietary factors may worsen acne, such as dairy products, caffeine or spicy foods.

Acne-prone skin needs consistent regime

Once teenagers’ hormones settle down, they generally grow out of acne; it resolves on its own. But many people find they have problems as adults, and acne-prone skin remains that way. It needs to be constantly treated, with a very consistent skin care regime to keep pores clean and free from a build-up of oil and debris.

In mild cases, acne may be treated with topical creams alone. But, for some moderate or severe cases, topical treatment and oral medication may be required. Dr. Fay can prescribe medication if required, and will ensure the appropriate skin care regime for each individual patient.

It can be a process of trial and error to find the exact right combination for you, and don’t panic is your skin becomes pink or dry; it may take time to build up tolerance to a new treatment. The time frame for side effects varies, depending on the treatment and each individual‘s skin.

Full Skin Consultation

Dr. Fay will comprehensively assess your skin before recommending any products. ZO Medical has proved an effective solution for many acne-prone patients; the range of products is wide and a little goes a long way with this highly effective skin treatment.

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