Acne Skincare Solutions

We now know more about acne, why and how it occurs, therefore the treatments on the market are improving too so we can now treat acne more effectively. Here I will try to outline some simple solutions for acne-prone, spotty or oily skin.

It often surprises me how many patients come to my clinic with a bag of every over the counter topical cream which they have tried without success. This is because they are trying a ” bit of this and that” without any formal treatment plan. At this point they are fed up and think that the only solution is oral antibiotics. The message I am trying the nail home is how important it is to attend a doctor who understands and has a special interest in skin. This could be a GP with a special interest in dermatological problems or a dermatologist. Why waste your money going to someone who is untrained in this area.

There are two simple solutions which can make the world of difference.

  1. Change your skincare
  2. Change your makeup

Firstly lets focus on skincare products.

With mild to moderate acne changes in your skincare may be all that is necessary to treat your acne. For more aggressive cases obviously these changes can be used in conjunction with oral antibiotics or contraceptive pills.

It is unbelievable how the benefits of skincare products in treating acne is overlooked. The correct products applied in the correct manner can improve and often clear up acne without having to resort to oral antibiotics. Unfortunately this requires a little discipline to comply with a new skincare regimen. You may have to put up with a little down time temporarily for a few weeks with benzoyl peroxide products. Take heart though, you will reap the benefits when you have clear radiant skin. It is vital that you use oil free products or moisturisers.

It goes without saying medical grade skincare or cosmeceuticals are more effective than most products available over the counter in your local pharmacy or department store.

One of the most effective acne skincare ranges in my experience is the 3-step system from Obagi CLENZIderm. This skincare range consists of two systems depending whether you have normal/ dry or normal/oily skin. With these products you can see results in six weeks. Obagi CLENZIderm is a prescription-strength three-step anti-acne system. It uses a revolutionary liquid-gel form of benzoyl peroxide in combination with salicylic acid that allows for deeper penetration. This powerful system is only available through medical clinics and works on the causes of acne to decrease oil production, reduce acne-causing bacteria, stop the sebaceous glands from blocking and reduce inflammation.
The products in this three-step system have been specially formulated to work together to deliver acne-fighting medicine deep within your pores where acne starts. CLENZIderm is different to other products because it is clinically proven to penetrate the pores deeply and clear acne quickly. Using CLENZIderm daily you can treat your acne within two weeks and prevent new breakouts, helping you achieve clear, healthy skin.

Secondly, don’t forget to check your makeup.

Many acne suffers resort to heavy oil based makeup in an attempt to cover up spots. This can make the situation even worse. The best makeup for acne prone skin is mineral based makeup.

If I have to recommend a makeup, I would have to say it is lycogel foundation. This is a skin treatment makeup rather than a foundation for coverage. Lycogel contains triple silica and Lyco complex will also repair damaged skin.

It does not clog pores and gives very good coverage. One tip with this foundation is that you do not apply it like regular foundation. A little goes a long way and there is also a knack to applying it as too much will look ” cakey”. Usually one pump is sufficient, any more than two pumps is excessive. It is important to prep your skin beforehand to ensure you get a flawless look. Personally I find applying it with a foundation sponge helps before applying a second layer with fingers. You may prefer to use a makeup brush to reduce wastage as it is expensive at €65 euro. However in my opinion it is worth it. Once you get the hang if it, it doesn’t feel like you are wearing make up and suits all skin types even sensitive skins. It is excellent at covering spots and scars. I am very impressed with lycogel and wear it daily myself.

If you are suffer acne do not suffer in silence, book a consultation with Dr. Lisa Fay at CosmeticDoctor, Stillorgan, Dublin to start your acne treatment plan.
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