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Skin that is plagued with acne breakouts is not only confined to teenagers, as the unpleasant skin condition can often continue into adulthood.

Adult acne can be extremely demoralizing and those who suffer from the condition are faced with the daily struggle of minimizing its appearance without triggering further inflammation.

Acne breakouts can be erratic, but long term suffers of adult acne may be left to deal with permanent marks/scarring on the skin or patches of hyperpigmentation; all of which can take its toll on your confidence.

Now that summer is here, there is a tendency to sweat more, which can cause acne to flare up if skin is not thoroughly cleansed and moisturized using suitable creams and cleansers.

However, overcoming the perils of adult acne can be difficult with various over-the-counter topical agents often failing to minimize or effectively treat acne breakouts.

Control and diminish the appearance of acne

A person can be genetically predisposed to developing acne, but the main causes of the condition are an overproduction of oil by the sebaceous glands in skin, combined with the presence of bacteria on the skin.

Acne breakouts can be temperamental with the likeliness of inflammation being linked to intrinsic or extrinsic factors such as hormonal changes and seasonal changes.

Getting your problem skin caused by adult acne can be helped with Obagi CLENZIderm, which is a prescription strength product available at the Cosmetic Doctor in Dublin.

This medical grade acne cleansing regimen contains 5% benzoyl peroxide and salicylic acid which penetrate the skin and target the source of acne breakouts.

Adopt a new daily skin routine

Available in two customized formulas to treat Normal to Dry skin or Normal to Oily skin, the Obagi CLENZIderm skin clearing system employs clinically proven ingredients to effectively treat adult acne.

Salcylic acid unclogs pores and removes dead skin cells to leave congested skin feeling refreshed.

Benzoyl peroxide is a powerful skin clearing agent that kills acne-causing bacteria found on skin which can lead to acne breakouts.

The specially formulated cleansing and moisturising routine advocated by the CLENZIderm acne treatment system can significantly reduce acne breakouts and help you discover a newfound confidence in your skin.

Treat Adult Acne with Dr Lisa Fay

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