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This week we are starting a series of posts showing patient’s what to expect from different treatments that we offer here in Slievemore clinic. The first treatment we will discuss is the Intracel treatment. The Intracel treatment is exclusively available at Slievemore clinic; Intracel is a hand-held device which delivers radio-frequency (RF) waves via hair-fine needles that puncture the skin. This heats the lower layers, stimulating production of collagen – the protein that gives youthful firmness. The treatments are quick and the results are proven.

We are delighted to have our therapist Louise try out the treatments. We will ask her some questions that we think you would like to know.

My name is Louise and I work with Lisa Fay in the Slievemore Clinic, many of you may have already met me. I have been lucky enough to trail the new Intracel treatment that we are offering here at the Slievemore Clinic. One of the main reasons why I am so interested in good skincare is because I was unlucky enough to suffer with bad skin as a teenager and a young adult. As a result I have acne scarring on my neck, chest and arms. It is one of the most unfortunate conditions, not only does it diminish the patient’s self-confidence, but it can also leave permanent reminders of their struggle. When Dr Fay asked me if I would be interested in having some treatments done, I was delighted. In my series of posts I plan on taking you through my journey to rid myself of these scars, I will show you photos of my progression. I will advise you on what to expect before, during and after the treatment. I will do my best to answer any questions that you may have, but do let us know if there are any other questions that you may like answered.

Treatment 1

What happened when you arrived for your treatment?
On the morning of my first treatment I was a bit nervous of what to expect. I had my anaesthetic applied to clean skin one hour before my appointment. When you first apply the anaesthetic it can feel a bit irritating on the skin, but as your face becomes anaesthetised you no longer have much sensation. Then the anaesthetic is removed and your face is cleansed with alcohol solution, this is to sterilise your skin and reduce the risk of bacteria getting into the skin. When the skin is ready Dr Fay will position you on the couch and start the treatment.

Can you describe the treatment?

I was given a fan to hold to my face to make the procedure more comfortable, the procedure began when I was ready. The sensation is of a tiny prick followed by slight pressure, it is not a pleasant sensation, but it is not painful and it is quite tolerable. Dr Fay maps out her treatment by dividing the face into sections. She completes each area once, then she will go over that area again- this is known as a “double pass” when she is finished with the face she did my neck, décolletage and upper arms. The treatment is quite fast. And immediately afterwards your skin is red, but you don’t really feel any sensation as the skin is still numb.

How long does the anaesthetic stay on the skin?

The anaesthetic remains on the skin for one hour prior to your treatment on all the areas that you are having treated.

How long does it take the anaesthetic to wear off?
The anaesthetic takes about 2 hours to wear off. I found my upper lip was the slowest to return to normal, and it was quite numb until the evening, although the amount of time it takes to wear off varies between people.

Is the treatment painful?
I found the procedure quite tolerable, mildly uncomfortable on some areas on the face, but overall it was comfortable. The most uncomfortable area was the nose and upper lip, although I was reassured throughout the treatment, I did not find the treatment painful at all.

How long did the procedure take?

My face, décolletage and upper arms took about 45 minutes to complete, the amount of time your procedure takes will depend on the area you have treated.

What should I expect after my treatment?

Immediately after your treatment your skin will feel a little hot and dry, this will settle down as the day goes on. Your skin will also appear red, it resembles mild sunburn. I found that under my eye was a little swollen, but this resolved quite quickly. There are some marks on the skin following your treatment; this is from the stamping of the hand held Intracel device. This took about four days to settle down.

Were you given any special instructions?

I was advised not to touch the skin or put anything on it. I was advised to stay out of the sun; if this is unavoidable I was instructed to wear a hat and high sun protection. I was also instructed not to wear any make up on my skin for 24 hours.
Is there anything else that you noticed after your treatment?

I found my skin a little dry for a while after treatment, the skin around my nose and chin was a little flaky for about 3 days after my treatment. I also found that the Intracel device really helped to clear out my pores, over a few days my pores appeared fresher and my skin was a lot brighter. I found that any residual redness and marks from the device were quite easy to hide with make-up, and nobody would have noticed that I’d had any treatment.
These 3 pictures were taken before Intracel Treatment



These 3 pictures were taken 30 minutes after Intracel Treatment




These 3 pictures were taken the day after Intracel Treatment




When will you have your next treatment?

I will have my next treatment in 6 weeks’ time.
How many treatments will you need?

It was advised that I will need 3 treatments to get the full benefit of the treatment.

Were you happy with the treatment?
I am delighted with the initial results, the Intracel has really made my acne scarring less obvious after just one treatment, and I am looking forward to finally being rid of the marks!

Any advice you would offer a person thinking of having Intracel treatment?

I would advise the person to have the treatment at the weekend, which allows some time to let the skin get back to normal after the treatment. I would also recommend using Lycogel foundation; I found this the best foundation to cover the device marks. I would also ensure that I have some Heliocare sunscreen to protect your skin in the sun, as your skin is quite sensitive after the treatment and this sunscreen won’t block your pores. I would also advise future clients not to worry about the treatment, the procedure is comfortable and there is nothing to worry about!

We will follow Louise and check her progress throughout her Intracel treatment. Should you wish to ask any further questions please do not hesitate to contact us.

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