CEBATROL by ZO Skin Health – Proven Acne Treatment

Treating Acne in Dublin

Cebatrol is the answer to acne-sufferers’ prayers. It’s a highly effective, take-no-prisoners solution designed by Dr. Obagi to treat current acne and to prevent further outbreaks.

Who can Use Cebatrol?

It also works well on inflamed or rosacea-prone skin, but it’s best to have your skin disorder correctly diagnosed before commencing use to ensure you have the best treatment plan.

People with acne can use Cebatrol as it is formulated to kill the living bacteria that cause acne in the first place, while cleaning the skin’s surface; breaking down impurities and reducing the red, inflamed appearance that so often accompanies acne-irritated skin.

Solution or Oil-Control Pads

Cebatrol comes in a solution you can apply yourself, or in handy Cebatrol oil control pads containing the invigorating acne medication that treats existing acne outbreaks and prevents new ones.

Cebatrol contains a 2% Salicylic acid which breaks down dirt and sebum; Mandelic acid to help reduce inflammation or irritation, and Triclosan which kills the living p.acne bacteria on the skin.

This triple-effect will help banish acne, and the emollients contained in both solution and the pads will sooth the skin and reduce redness.

For a correct and highly accurate skin diagnosis to find out which treatment plan will banish your acne forever, call Cosmetic Doctor on 01 685 3100 or visit the Acne Treatments page.