As a cosmetic doctor, I am constantly asked which of the latest state-of-the-art skincare products I recommend. I can understand why, because I am often overwhelmed by the number of anti-ageing products available which make extraordinary claims. Often these so called skincare benefits are unfounded and lack basic science or even clinical evidence to support their claims.

ZO Ossential® Radical Night Repair Plus

ZO Ossential® Radical Night Repair Plus is truly a “radical product” which has a lovely velvety feel. The active ingredient is 1% retinol which accelerates skin cell turnover and decreases fine lines and sun spots.

After the age of 30 years our skin cells become dormant. This means skin cells or fibroblasts become sleepy and our skin cycle slows down. A normal active skin cycle usually takes 6 weeks. This process now takes longer up to 9-12 weeks. Dead skin cells remain on the surface of the skin resulting in fine lines, dull and rough appearance on our skin. Ossential® Radical Night Repair Plus features a potent concentration of retinol which is up to 6 times higher than traditional retinol products.

Radical night repair results in smoother skin with more even tone after just 6 weeks.

Fine lines and wrinkles improve and soften. Even pigmentation and age spots improve and lessen.

Very Easy to Use: Start gradually by using 1-2 pumps twice a week in the evening and add in an extra night per week until you build tolerance to every night. Wash your face with your recommended ZO cleanser, followed by your oil control pads if indicated. An alternative approach is to start with a more aggressive regimen which involves applying the product every night from the outset. Be prepared, you will peel more for the first 2-6 weeks, however you will achieve greater results in a shorter time frame and reap the rewards. The regimen which my patients select depends on their lifestyle I.e. whether they can tolerate peeling depending on work commitments.

Anti-Ageing Treatments with ZO Ossential® Radical Night Repair Plus

Cautions: Retinol should be introduced slowly if you have sensitive skin. It is vital that you build up your tolerance for retinol to minimise reactions. This means you will experience redness, peeling and flaking for up to 6 weeks. Start cautiously (two or three times per week) until you’re skin acclimatises to it. These products should be used with extra care in individuals with eczema and rosacea. Retinol products are contraindicated in those who are pregnant or breastfeeding.

CosmeticDoctor Tip:

ZO Ossential® Radical Night Repair Plus is ideal for those with moderate signs of ageing, fine lines, wrinkles and pigmentation. Remember Dr. Obagi says “fight ageing, fight it hard” and Ossential® Radical Night Repair Plus should be the key ingredient in your anti ageing regimen.