Dermal Fillers for Treating Facial Wrinkles

Dermal Fillers Dublin

There are several options when it comes to using dermal fillers, depending on the severity and depth of the problem area.

Dermal fillers are most often used for deep, static wrinkles (present when the face is at rest), depressed scars, and loss of facial volume caused by aging.

Fillers are injected just below the top layer of the skin, into the epidermis.

Radiesse Dermal filler

Radiesse is used with great success at Cosmetic Doctor. It’s a semi-solid injectable, made up of a calcium-rich compound that plumps up the skin wherever it’s injected. It’s often used in the nasolabial folds (lines running from the edge of the nose to the corner of the mouth) or to add volume to sunken cheeks.

As it’s quite a thick substance, it is ideal for treating the deepest facial wrinkles or plumping up cheek depressions where signs of aging from fat loss in the face have become evident. It’s not recommended for use around the eyes or lips.

Using Radiesse for Marionette Lines

Radiesse is also excellent for the improvement of marionette lines, which run downwards from the corners of the mouth giving a persistently dour or unhappy expression, and a jowly appearance.

It’s one of the firmest fillers on the market, made of tiny calcium spheres suspended in a sugar based gel. This means it lasts a long time and has a dual action-the gel and spheres fill the unwanted wrinkles immediately, while the calcium in the microspheres encourages collagen production in the skin for even longer term results.

As Radiesse is thicker than hyaluronic fillers, it requires massaging to obtain smooth results. For further information on Radiesse Dermal Filler please phone 01 685 3100.