Dr Lisa Fay Cosmetic Doctor is based in Dublin

There are a large array of non-invasive, low risk, low downtime treatments and cosmetic procedures available to those who would like to minimise the signs of ageing.

If you’re considering a cosmetic procedure, choosing the right practitioner for you is important. You want to feel well-taken care of; have realistic expectations and look naturally refreshed after any treatment.

Your peace of mind is key, and if you attend Cosmetic Doctor in Dublin you can relax in the knowledge that this doctor- led clinic has the expertise and experience to get the very best results for you.

Cosmetic Doctor can address all skin concerns, whether they are medical or cosmetic-it’s the perfect one stop clinic for all.

Botox at Cosmetic Doctor in Dublin

One of the most popular tools to combat the signs of ageing is an anti-wrinkle injectable, commonly known as botox.

It works by blocking nerve signals to targeted muscles in the face; stopping them from contracting so that the overlying skin can relax.

If the muscle is no longer contracting; the skin doesn’t wrinkle each time you make a facial expression, so patients look refreshed and rejuvenated.

Botox is most commonly used to eradicate the ‘frown lines’ between the brows, and is a simple, swift treatment lasting between four and six months.

Individual consultation; all patients are unique

When you book a consultation with Dr. Lisa Fay at her Dublin clinic, she will perform a comprehensive analysis of your skin and unique facial musculature to help determine what would be the most effective treatment for you.

Every patient is different, and everyone has different expectations, so Dr. Fay will discuss what to expect and how to achieve a subtle, natural look that works.

This discussion with each patient is an important one, as Cosmetic Doctor believes in a tailored, individualised approach for every person.

You don’t want to lose the character of defining features of your face that make you ‘you’; but she can advise you on the treatments and procedures that will make you look younger; erase lines and wrinkles, and eradicate some of the signs of age that are bothering you.

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