Would you go under the knife to look younger, in an attempt to restore your face to its former glory? It’s a drastic step, and an expensive one. Gravity catches up with our facial features, and everything starts to slide south.

Look Younger without Surgery

Now, thanks to extraordinary cosmetic dermal filler technology, you can sup from the fountain of youth without resorting to surgery, by having a liquid face lift with Radiesse™.

Slievemore Clinic can give you full face rejuvenation, making you appear younger, smoother and refreshed without looking artificial or overdone, in a procedure aptly known as ‘the Liquid Face Lift’.

Tried & Tested Radiesse™

The procedure uses Radiesse™ to provide three dimensional volumisation, replacing the volume lost in the mid face area as we age. It doesn’t just treat wrinkles, but also the effects of gravity and aging.

It’s more than just a little help with lines; it’s a complete overhaul.

Radiesse™ works a little differently from other advanced dermal fillers, as it’s made up of calcium- based biospheres suspended in a water-based gel.

First, the gel helps fill the wrinkles, and then as it dissipates the calcium biospheres form a kind of scaffold under the skin, stimulating collagen production and encouraging tissue growth.

Radiesse™ has been used in hundreds of thousands of procedures worldwide, and is excellent for use in addressing loss of facial volume or reshaping areas of the face non-surgically.

Sculpting your Face

Skilful placement of Radiesse™ is used to sculpt problem areas like cheeks, sagging jaw lines and under-eye hollows, in combination with wrinkle relaxing injections. Radiesse can be customised to your facial shape, giving subtle and natural looking results.

It’s a biocompatible material, so few if any side effects are reported, and any tenderness or bruising at the injection site resolves within a few days.

You’ll never be victorious over gravity, but you can win the next several battles with a Liquid Facelift. Call CosmeticDoctor to book a consultation on 01 685 3100.

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