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Most women would like to stop the hands of time when it comes to their looks. Gravity and years take their toll on skin, regardless of how well you take care of it or how blessed you are genetically.

Facial wrinkles ar inevitable – and if you smoke, or have sun damage, or stress; they’re even more noticeable.

Well-placed and skilled administration of anti-wrinkle treatments can make a dramatic difference to the way you feel about your face; and Dr. Lisa Fay at Cosmetic Doctor Dublin has a keen aesthetic eye for achieving the most natural of results. You won’t look odd or frozen; just younger and more relaxed.

Anti-Wrinkle treatments can be used in many areas of the face; and are particularly effective in the upper face when used in the glabella area between the eyes and in the “crow’s feet” at the corners of eyes.

Approved for Crows Feet

Last year, the FDA approved the use of anti-wrinkle treatments for crow’s feet – or canthal lines, to give them their medical term- and it’s been used for the glabella area between the brows for many years.

The anti-wrinkle drug is injected into the muscle to temporarily paralyze it; ceasing the constant contracting movements that have caused the overlying skin to wrinkle repeatedly.

This allows the overlying skin to relax, thus softening the wrinkle.

One of the safest, most common treatments in the world, anti-wrinkle treatments are highly effective and side effects extremely rare. You may see a little bruising at the injection site but this will resolve within a few days, and the effects last for about 6 months; depending on the patient.

Procedure is simple and quick with no downtime

The injections take just minutes and can easily be done during a lunch hour. It takes several days for the effects to be seen and they last about between four and six months; if you have the treatment regularly it actually prevents more wrinkles from forming and will last even longer.

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