Moisturisers and Skincare

Skin is a living, breathing organ, in a constant state of growth and repair. We can do a lot to help our skin as we age and it begins to naturally lose its own elasticity and hydration, by using a good moisturiser.

Cosmetic Doctor carries several product ranges of the kinds of moisturisers known as ‘cosmetceuticals’; products with a proven effect that are a hybrid between cosmetic and pharmaceutical.

These products are scientifically deigned to nourish, repair and encourage new skin growth, and to help retain optimal quantities of moisture within the skin itself.

Skin moisturising really works by helping prevent the loss of moisture from the uppermost layers of the skin. It’s not the same as skin hydration, which happened from the inside-out; moisturising works from the outside-in.

What is Skin Moisturising?

The term “skin moisturising” really refers to the prevention of water loss from the uppermost layers of skin to ensure repair and replenishment of skin. The outermost layer of skin, the epidermis, is where your moisturising products are applied and they facilitate the retention of moisture.

Hydration is the process of accumulation of water in the upper layers of your skin; hence, presence of moisturizer indirectly prevents dehydration and mineral and water depletion from your skin.

What is skin hydration?

Unlike skin moisturizing, the process of skin hydration refers to the actual supply or delivery of water to the skin cells for their replenishment.

Aging and Moisturising

The quantity of moisture in human skin is inversely proportional to a person’s age. Babies have lovely soft skin, with lots of moisture, but as we age we lose it-especially after the age of about 25, when it decreases dramatically.

Obviously lifestyle plays a part, as does climate, sun exposure and smoking as well a certain medications and hormonal factors, though oily skin has nothing to do with skin moisturising; it just adversely affects the delivery of the moisture to the skin cells.

Cosmetic Doctor will perform a detailed skin analysis to discover the true nature of your skin and help you determine your ongoing moisturising requirements. There are specific products designed for every skin type.

General Tips on retaining skin moisture
  • Drink plenty of clean water (at least 6 to 8 glasses per day) to help skin hydration from the inside-out
  • Keep your skin clean without over-washing.
  • Protect your skin from unnecessary or long exposure to sunlight / UV rays (as it decreases the moisture and accelerates the drying effect).
  • Use the recommended products for your skin type, and keep to a regular skin-care routine
  • Wear quality make-up which is non-pore clogging, and give your face a break from make-up when you can
  • Eat plenty of citrus fruits that are also rich in water and vitamin C.
Benefits of Skin Moisturizing
  • Helps prevent the dryness of your skin.
  • Helps slow down the aging process by reducing, minimizing and preventing the appearance and formation of wrinkles and fine lines.
  • Ensures nourishment and repair of skin cells.
  • Decreases the risks / chances of skin infection by preventing drying and cracking of skin (helps prevent any entry of germs and bacteria)
  • Acts as a short-term barrier to the damaged skin cells to repair them.
  • Moisture also increases the elasticity of your skin, making it more young, supple and sensitive.

Remember, hydration is the process of accumulation of water in the upper layers of your skin; hence, presence of moisturizer indirectly prevents water depletion from your skin.

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