Get Treatments from Qualified Medics

Anti Wrinkle Injections in Dublin

There’s been a call from the Royal College of Surgeons to end ‘botox parties’ and stop unqualified people from administering the injections to unsuspecting customers.

At the moment, many people with no medical training are administering the potent neurotoxin botox, even though it should only be provided by trained doctors.

Safe Treatment from Trained Clinicians

Non-surgical cosmetic treatments can make a wonderful, positive difference to your life, but one of the reasons you should always choose a reputable, doctor-led practice is because an innate understanding of, and experience with, biology is vital in successful safe and effective treatments.

There are various procedures designed to make the skin look younger without having to go under the knife; including the injection of the botulin toxin which in tiny dose is used to relax facial muscle to soften lines and wrinkles.

Other injectables include Dermal fillers, used to plump up the skin and fill static wrinkles.

Factors in Choosing a Provider

If you’re considering a procedure, find out what it involves, what the risks are and how much it costs-Cosmetic Doctor have lots of information about all procedures on the website, including potential side-effects.

They will also conduct a thorough consultation and assessment process before embarking on any course of treatments with a patient.

When you are choosing a provider for non-surgical cosmetic procedures, it pays to do a little research; ask for qualifications, and if possible get referrals from friends. Bear in mind that really good cosmetic work should be subtle, so the best work won’t be immediately evident-people will just appear refreshed and rejuvenated.

Don’t Compromise on your Safety

The public often don’t view non-surgical work as a medical procedure, it is; and the skills and experience of a qualified clinician are important. Many people only look at the cost of the procedure, rather than the qualifications of the person doing it.

You only have one face, and anything you choose to do to it should be safe-cost should never be the primary factor in choosing a cosmetic procedure or provider. Expert hands; qualified medical staff and the quality of aftercare should always be taken into account-never compromise on your safety as a patient.

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