By Doctor Lisa Fay

Where do I start from…well I guess I could say my trip to the Allergan Botulinium Toxin manufacturing plant in Westport was really like visiting another planet. It was simply OUT OF THIS WORLD!!!

Botox in Ireland

I was really fortunate to attend the Allergan manufacturing plant in Westport this week. I was blown away by the experience, the visit left me reeling. I knew the world’s Anti-Wrinkle Injections supply was manufactured in Ireland. However, personally I did not fully appreciate what went into the manufacture of a vial of the most expensive product in the world. Every precaution is taken to ensure each vial is the same as the next. No stone is left unturned in terms of safety checks, quality and infection control to ensure the production of a world class product.

In fact weight for weight, this muscle relaxing product is more expensive than gold or diamonds.

It’s hard to really explain the experience without getting into some lofty adjectives, this facility is truely one of a kind and when you enter you will be blown away by what appears to be the innards of some strange, NASAish or space age plant. Literally it’s like something out of the film Gravity or a James Bond movie. Even the air is circulated up to 200 times per minute to ensure its purity. To put this in perspective air in an average office is circulate 2-3 times per minute.

Pioneering US firm Allergan was enticed to Westport in 1977 and has growing net sales annually with predicted sales of almost £2billion within five years. What was so inspiring was the passion of all the highly skilled employees who are seriously loyal and completely committed to their jobs.

Words can hardly describe my pride that Westport, Ireland could complete on such a world class stage. I was so proud to be Irish. This demonstrated to me that as a nation in times of recession that we have the brains, the drive and commitment to step up and make our mark. I would really like to thank all of the Allergan staff for their hospitality and taking the time to demonstrate how this amazing product is made. Now the next time I am in clinic I will have a greater appreciation of what goes in to making a vial of Anti-Wrinkle Injection products!