What Causes Forehead Lines and Wrinkles?

People tend to assume wrinkles across the forehead are stress induced-they’re really the combined results of sun exposure, muscle movement and diminished collagen.

Collagen is a protein allows skin to stay hydrated and elastic, and as its production slows with age the skin is left thinner, weaker and more prone to wrinkles forming after years of repeated facial movements.

Wrinkles appear whenever muscles move in your forehead as you frown, squint or look surprised. As time goes by and skin ages, these wrinkles settle in permanently and are visible even when the face is relaxed.

The aging process varies according to genetics and lifestyle-smokers always end up with dry skin-and wrinkles can set in from your late 20’s onwards.

BTX-A for Forehead

Horizontal forehead lines are formed by the powerful ‘frontalis’ forehead muscle, and require sufficient amounts of the anti-wrinkle injectable (such as BTX –A) to relax this strong muscle and allow the lines to soften.

The skill of the practitioner, as with all medical cosmetic procedures, is important; the muscle must be injected correctly for an even, natural looking result. Dr. Fay has had many years of experience and understands both the art of, and the science behind using anti-wrinkle injections in precisely the right location and amount, to avoid the frozen, static look.