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Dr. Lisa Fay at Cosmetic Doctor Dublin regularly treats female patients who are unhappy with the shape of their square jawline, as they perceive it to be overly masculine or unflattering in appearance. She can help alter the shape to a more feminine, oval shape with a simple injection.

Using a drug known for its anti-wrinkle properties, Dr. Fay directly injects the large muscle of the jaw to reshape the face without surgery. This specialised technique is designed to reduce the width of the jawline; changing an overly square jawline to a more attractive oval or heart shaped face.

What Cause a Square Jaw in Women?

In some patients, the masseter muscle (which is a chewing muscle) is enlarged creating extra facial width. An injectable drug will selectively weaken this muscle over time, leading to an overall reduction in the size of the muscle.

An enlarger masseter muscle occurs frequently in people of Asian heritage and can be helped by injections, allowing people to alter the shape of their face without resorting to jawline reduction surgery or surgical shaving of the mandible.

In some cases, excessive gum chewing or other habits can cause the masseter muscle to become enlarged, leading to a square appearance, and for many people stress-related teeth-grinding at night (bruxism) or clenching by day can make the masseter muscle enlarger also.

How does it work and how long does it take?

The anti-wrinkle injectable works by causing some shrinkage of the muscle and narrows the jaw to creating a more angular and feminine facial shape.

This effect can be further enhanced by filling the cheek bone area with facial fillers, or cheek augmentation to create an optimal look, all with injections and without invasive surgery- and no downtime.

Patients typically notice softening of the masseter muscle at one week and softening of the jawline at 6 weeks. It is reasonable for patients to expect long term benefit but not permanent changes from this relatively painless procedure.

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