Fuller Lips with Restylane Volume

Want Fuller Lips?

I want slightly fuller lips, but do not want a trout pout. What would you recommend for a subtle yet natural fuller lip? Restylane Volume® contains hyaluronic acid which is entirely natural and non – animal based.

Therefore, this is a very safe product with FDA approval.

Restylane Volume is designed specifically to create beautifully shaped lips. Restylane Volume gives your lips a natural fullness and a more sensuous look, leaving them soft to touch and irresistibly kissable.

When injected into the lips, Restylane Volume boosts the skin’s hydration system to lift and smooth away fine lines and creates a natural fullness.

Restylane Volume is tailored for:

  • Creating lip volume in the body of the lip to boost fullness
  • Enhancing the vermillion border to give a more sculpted look
  • Increasing definition to the philtrum ridges to provide more shape

Restylane Volume is specially formulated to support the lips’ everyday movements – like talking, smiling, laughing and kissing, which improves treatment results and longevity. By working naturally with the lip tissue, Restylane Volume sustains lip definition and fullness over time making it the treatment of choice for lip enhancement.

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