Dermal Filler treatments can reverse the signs of ageing and can erase years in an hour without the risks and down-time of cosmetic surgery! Boost your confidence with anti-wrinkle injections.

With age, skin texture becomes less firm, cheeks flatten and move downwards and the chin becomes broader and this results in the development of jowls. Facial volume loss results in nose to mouth lines become more defined, wrinkles developing, jawlines sagging and cheeks looking deflated making faces appear flat and long in appearance.

Youthful faces have plump and well defined cheek bones with a tapered chin. This is what is known as the youthful "V". As we age this "V" turns up side down.

The non-surgical face lift takes a comprehensive approach to treating the face rather than concentrating on individual lines and wrinkles.

Therefore practitioners who perform such treatments tend to be more experienced in the field of administration of anti-wrinkle injections and facial rejuvenation.

Radiesse is an excellent product which contains calcium hydroxyapetite to help stimulate collagen and treat lines and wrinkles. Results are immediate. Literally this procedure can take years off your appearance.

Often 4-6 syringes of Radiesse may be necessary to achieve optimum results.

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