Radiesse – Recapture the Triangle of Youth

Radiesse Wrinkle Treatment

What is the Triangle of Youth?

Young faces are like an inverted triangle with high cheek bones, full cheek volume and a sharp well defined jawline. Irrespective of our genes, after the age of 40 the triangle changes with the chin moving downwards, jowls developing and the face become broader towards the bottom. Cheeks flatten, jawlines sag and the nasolabial folds become more defined and prominent. In essence the “triangle of youth” inverts and becomes “the pyramid of age”.

All of this does not sound too attractive! However do not despair. With the advent of new dermal fillers and new techniques the current trend in cosmetic treatments is to restore the triangle of youth rather than chasing lines and wrinkles with a needle.

How do we restore the “triangle of youth”?

The answer lies in the strategic placement of dermal fillers to replace volume lost in the cheeks, mid face and jawline. This achieves a lift as well as volume replacement which reverses the ageing process. It treats the tired sunken look and makes you look younger in an instant. The best approach is to treat the full face from the temples, cheeks, nasolabial folds, marionette lines and jawline. To achieve this, multiple threads of Radiesse dermal filler is also injected in the lower third of the face to actually pull back and lift sagging skin and further support the cheeks above using a technique called” vectoring”. This literally attempts to reverse the effects of gravity and loss of facial volume which occurs with age.

What is Radiesse and how does it work?

Radiesse is dermal filler which contains calcium-based microspheres hydroxylapatite (CaHA) suspended in a water-based gel. Radiesse allows us as medical practitioners to sculpt the face especially the cheeks and jowls, resulting in a more youthful, yet natural look. It is now possible to recreate volume to lift flat cheeks, fill sunken temples and correct ageing jaw lines.

With Radiesse the effects are visible immediately. Radiesse stimulates your own collagen production for a natural long-lasting aesthetic correction which lasts up to 9-12months.

The benefit of Radiesse over many other dermal fillers is that this dermal filler allows correction of many areas of the face with the same product. The effects are soft and natural and no one need ever know that you have had a treatment.

Ask yourself whether you wish to take away a line or to take years off your appearance. If this is your goal focus on areas of your face which have lost their natural volume and plumpness to recapture the triangle of youth.

Prices start from €400.