Bags Under the Eyes

Say Goodbye to Bags under the Eyes with Advanced Dermal Fillers

Lots of people suffer from bags under their eyes, and on pale Irish skin, the effect is very noticeable. The condition tends to worsen with age, making people look exhausted and drawn.

In most instances the problem can be corrected without surgery, using advanced dermal fillers.

How Eye Bags are Treated

At Cosmetic Doctor, Dr. Fay uses dermal fillers under the eyes to help with the problem of bags; typically aiming to fill in the depressed curve that forms between the cheek and the bag.

She can also build up the cheek to help smooth the area between the bag and cheek. The goal is to fill the trough below the bag and lift the cheek to provide a more natural contour between the two, effectively masking the appearance of the bag.

Advanced dermal fillers are placed from the cheek to the infraorbital rim (the bone below the eye socket). Bulking fillers such as Perlane®, Radiesse® and Juvederm Ultra Plus are used at Cosmetic Doctor for this procedure; it’s non-surgical and usually takes less than 30 minutes.

Technique and Placement of Advanced Dermal Fillers

In most facial areas, dermal fillers are placed using threading or tunnelling injection methods. These techniques place the dermal filler beneath the skin (depth will depend upon specific filler and facial area) in tunnels that are roughly on a horizontal plane with the skin.

In the cheek area, Dr. Fay may use a coning or bolus technique with some of the dermal fillers; this places the dermal filler perpendicular to the skin, placing it deep so that the cones of fillers push up on the dermis. Just like with the tunnelling technique, the dermal fillers are not visible underneath the skin.

The method and area of placement depends entirely on the patient; your skin thickness; your underlying facial muscles, and the exact nature of the bags under your eyes. Every patient is unique, and Dr. Fay will assess your need thoroughly before uncapping any needles.

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