The 15 minute nose job with dermal fillers

Skilled use of dermal filler provides an excellent alternative to surgery for reshaping the nose. It’s intended for those who have specific issues with the shape of their nose; people who wish to significantly reduce the size of the nose are not candidates for this particular procedure.

Many patients with minor or less severe irregularities of the nose can have non-surgical reshaping of their nose with a dermal filler injection, without the need to undergo invasive surgery.

What Can Nose Reshaping Achieve?

Non-surgical rhinoplasty, also known as non-surgical nose reshaping, involves the skilled use of dermal filler to immediately alter certain aspects of the nose itself. It is suitable for the following:

  • A flat bridge – dermal fillers are used to subtly increase the height of the bridge.
  • Slightly crooked nose.
  • Camouflage of bumps on bridge.
  • To balance the size of the nose in comparison with other facial features.
  • To refine an asymmetrical nose.
  • To refine the nose shape.
  • To achieve improvement in other minor concerns with the nose.

Advantages of Non-Surgical Rhinoplasty

Nose reshaping using dermal fillers has some obvious advantages over surgical rhinoplasty; the results are immediate as the filler’s effects are evident immediately after the procedure.

The procedure itself is very quick; after injecting the appropriate filler into the area, Dr. Fay will then manually manipulate the filler into place, sculpting the area to achieve the desired results as discussed with you.

Unlike surgery, there is very little down-time, and none of the risks involved with surgery such as anaesthesia, etc. Also, it’s a non-invasive procedure, so it’s much safer. It involves no risk to nasal breathing as the filler is only injected into the skin.

As the filler is manually sculpted into place, the procedure is far more precise in tailoring the precise look you want. Specific and precise adjustments are made to the nasal contours, and are controlled by the skilled practitioner.

By injecting dermal fillers into the target zone, making subtle yet noticeable changes to the nose is possible with very little downtime, minimal swelling and instant results.

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