Many people focus only on their face and their hands are overlooked in the rejuvenation process. Don’t forget that our hands also need a little TLC too. Radiesse is the Game-Changing Dermal filler which I swear by for hand rejuvenation. It is literally a hand saviour. If you think about it our hands are exposed the elements on a daily basis.

Radiesse dermal filler addresses ageing and volume  loss beautifully.
As hands age, loss of volume occurs. There is less subcutaneous tissue, the veins become prominent and the hands appear bony.

It is a very simple treatment to inject dermal fillers into the hands to replace the volume that has been lost. Procedure takes approximately 20 minutes and effects last between 9-12 months.

Remember keep your age disguised by taking great care of your hands. If you want to keep your hands in tip-top condition call us on 01-2000500 to find out more. Let’s have it, a round of applause for Radiesse dermal filler.

One of our clients after 4.5ml (3 syringes) of Radiesse over a 3 year period. 


Dermal Fillers for Hands

Hand Rejuvenation with Dermal Fillers  by Dr Lisa Fay Dublin

Before and after photos of hand rejuvenation using Radiesse by Dr Lisa Fay Cosmetic Doctor Dublin Ireland