Dr Lisa Fay

The shape of the face does change as we get older.

If you’re in your forties, you’ll certainly notice a difference in how your face looks now, compared to your thirties.

Is it simply the inevitable drag of gravity tugging your features downwards?

It’s about more than merely gravity. The changes you see happening are as a result of structural shifts that occur within the skin and the face itself.

Loss of facial volume

You have no power over the passing of time, and ageing is obviously a natural process.

But you do have power over how ageing affects your appearance.

There are reasons that some people appear older than their chronological years, or certainly older than they would like to look. One of those reasons is the loss of volume from specific regions of the face.

Shrinking  Facial fat is evenly distributed when we’re young, and plumps up our forehead, cheeks and the area around the eyes. Our face vaguely resembles an upside-down triangle, with a wide clear forehead, high curved cheeks and neat chin.

Sagging  As the years go by fat cells in the face shrink and begin to clump and sink towards the ground. Formerly full areas sag and flatten out, then in turn the skin droops and wrinkles.

Shifting  The area around the jawline loses its definition and becomes jowly. (Don’t ever look down into a mirror or you’ll give yourself a nasty surprise!) The overall impression is that the ‘facial triangle’ is turned upside down, with facial mass shifting to bag around the chin and jaw.

Our eyes, cheeks and entire mid-face region become elongated and pulled downward, making us look older, more dour and worn-looking. The tear troughs under the eyes also become more evident; darker and more hollow.

Dermal fillers – the safe, simple solution to loss of facial volume

Once upon a time, your only option would have been the invasive surgery of a facelift. Luckily, for the last decade or so we have had excellent results from increasingly sophisticated facial fillers, such as Juvéderm.

Dermal fillers are now manufactured in several different types designed to target different issues. At Cosmetic Doctor, we find Juvéderm Voluma particularly effective in restoring and augmenting the cheek area to rejuvenate the overall face.


Juvéderm Voluma

One in a range of Juvéderm fillers, Voluma is a hyaluronic acid filler that is uniquely dense and viscose.

Its texture makes it ideal for use in the cheeks. It can be manipulated to restore an optimal shape in the mid-face, enhancing a youthful curve to the cheek.

Perfect for adding fullness to areas that need a bit of support, skilful injection of Voluma makes the natural contours of your face appear rounder and fuller for a soft, youthful appearance.

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