The Liquid Facelift at Cosmetic Doctor Dublin

The Liquid Facelift

A liquid facelift, they call it. Targeted use of dermal fillers is now being used at Cosmetic Doctor Dublin to greatly reduce signs of ageing; lift and tighten skin and improve tone and texture – all in a simple, non-surgical procedure.

How losing facial volume makes us look old

Juvederm produces a range of dermal fillers made from hyaluronic acid, widely and successfully used to restore facial volume and minimise the signs of ageing.

As we age, we lose volume from certain areas of the face- the upper cheeks; the mid face around the naso-labial lines; jawline and so on. This causes skin to bag and sag, giving a much older appearance to our face.

The 8 Point Technique

The range of Juvederm fillers work by subtly lifting and enhancing these areas, and the 8-point technique is an innovative way to replace volume loss in the areas we need it most.

The 8-Point Technique was pioneered by world-renowned Brazilian plastic surgeon Mauricio de Maio, and Dr. Fay of Cosmetic Doctor Dublin uses the Juvederm Vycross range of products to achieve the very best results in the highly successful 8-Point technique.

Why Dermal Fillers?

Before the advent of dermal fillers, the only way to lift and tighten skin was a surgical facelift – expensive; risky and people had to hide away for weeks. Then plastic surgeons began to use fat transfers to give volume back to the face- but this necessitates removal of fat from another area of the body; preparation of it and reinsertion into the face- and it doesn’t ‘take’ with everyone.

As fillers developed, different ones were used; some of which were permanent- but many people wanted a soft gel filler that was not permanent, but that lasted a long time and was suitable for volume correction in all areas of the face.

Juvederm replaces the volume we lose through collagen loss; fat loss and bone loss as we age. It’s soft and natural looking, and allows beautifully tailored results.

Juvederm Vycross products contain hyaluronic acid which is a naturally occurring component in the skin; it attracts and holds water to provide hydration, structure and volume.

Dr. Fay uses Juvederm Vycross products as they last longer and are not broken down as quickly. They help draw more water into the skin; making it plump and dewy, and replace lost facial volume.

Tailored Approach with range of Products

There are three products in the Vycross range:

  1. Voluma: restores volume in the cheeks and chin
  2. Volbella: for enhancement and pouting of lips
  3. Volift : designed for deeper lines and wrinkles including nose to mouth lines.

Dr. Fay uses a combination of these products in a highly individualised approach to targeted reduction of lost facial volume, plumping of lines and wrinkles, and reduction of the appearance of ageing.

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