Your lips are the center of your face. Lips are used to convey a variety of emotions such as happiness, sadness and even surprise. With recent advances in dermal fillers you do not have to live with the lips you are born with. Subtle enhancements and improvements are possible with dermal fillers. The key is balance and an awareness that your lips should be in keeping with your facial structure. Lip enhancement is definitely an art. Too much product will simply inflate your lips leading to the dreaded “trout pout” which has given lip enhancement a bad name and negative press in the past.

It is possible to improve your lips by:

  • Softening smoker’s lines
  • Recreating a sharper lip line
  • Defining the cupids bow
  • Lifting the marionette lines or mouth corners
  • Restoring volume to deflated lips
  • Eradicating smile lines

In this blog I am going to discuss two different cases of lip enhancement. The first lady had thin lips and the second lady wanted to soften the appearance of her smoker’s lines. Two different cases but I plan to demonstrate how dermal fillers have clearly made a difference.

Case 1 – Thin upper lips

My first lady in her 20’s has always has thin lips and wanted her lips to look more glamorous and fuller. It is important with thin lips to proceed with caution and build this up slowly over treatments.
Dermal filler was injected into these lips to lift and enlarge a thin upper lip. This improves the proportion between the upper and lower lip. In this case I used Emervel Lip to maximise volume but I still wanted a smooth and soft result. The effects last approximately nine months sometimes even up to twelve months.

I think you will agree that the lip in the after picture looks fuller, plumper and more volumised while still maintaining a natural balance. She was happy with the results, but said, “I really love them”.
Total amount of product used: Emervel Lip 1 ml.

Lip Enhancement Cosmetic Doctor

My second case is a lady in her 40’s.

Her main complaint was that she was becoming self-conscious about her upper lip lines.
When sculpting her lips I wanted to recreate her lip line and to reduce her smoker’s lines. I was particularly careful not to over correct her lips and try to respect balance, symmetry and proportion. In this case I selected Juvederm Volbella. Made from Hyaluronic Acid using patented Vycross™ technology, Volbella is designed to be natural, soft, smooth, longlasting and have a greater lifting capacity than many other lip fillers on the market. The effects last up to 12 months. As you can see there’s is a little swelling immediately after and the lips look a little false or over corrected. However this settles after 24 hours.

Total amount of product used: Juvederm Volbella 1ml

Lip Enhancement in Dublin - Before and Immediately After Treatment

She was happy to show her lip results, which were very subtle. She wanted a result that wasn’t too noticeable.

Lip Enhancement in Dublin

During your treatment your lips are cleansed with antiseptic to reduce the risk of infection. The process is painless. A dental block is applied which means anaesthetic is administered in a similar way to a dental procedure. This numbs your lips. The products used in these cases are Emervel Lip or Juvederm Volbella which contain hyaluronic acid. Hyaluronic acid is found normally your body. The results are noticeable straight away.

We are now able as cosmetic doctors to offer lip treatments which are long-lasting, non-permanent and safe. In addition there is no risk of an allergic reaction.

Lip enhancements – See an immediate difference with dermal fillers. Contact CosmeticDoctor to discuss your options and the best product for you.

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