Lip Filler Dublin

Lip Filler Dublin with Dr Lisa Fay

There is a perception that lip filler treatment equates to “trout pout” or unnatural lips. As a Cosmetic doctor who tries to enhance my patients beauty in a harmonious manner this really frustrates me. Daily I see patients with ageing deflated thin lips who could really benefit from lip enhancement. However when I broach this subject during the consultation process patients respond with fear and a blank “no way!”

Trust me subtle lip enhancement can truly transform your appearance. Lip enhancement does not mean “plastic fantastic”. Also what irritates me is the barage of before and after treatment photos posted on social media demonstrating bigger lips. As if bigger means better. Let’s be clear bigger does not mean better there is a technique to recreating beautiful pretty lips. The stigma of over filler disproportioned lips has permeated media in the last ten years.

Lip Filler the facts:

1. This is what you need to know about lip enhancement. Lip injections using dermal fillers is an art as well as a science. Science, because experienced injectors understand the concept of Phi and beauty. I have spent time with the infamous Dr. Arthur Swift who advocates phi in our job or beautiPHIcation. Phi means there is a mathematical formula which describes beauty. This is also known as “The Golden Ratio”. It is important that before a doctor or nurse picks up a syringe to inject your face they should understand Phi.

2. The ideal feminine youthful lower lip should be fuller but the upper lip should protrude 1-2 mm more than the lower lip.

3. In addition Phi proportion of 1 for the upper lip and 1.618 for the lower lip for white women is the ideal. Asian and African American girls can pull off lip dimensions of an upper lip of same size as the lower lip. I shudder when I see before and after photos flouting the science of golden ratios and what makes a beautiful lip. know this makes my job convincing my patients to have a lip enhancement even harder. IN SHORT, THIS MEANS BOTH LIPS SHOULD NOT BE THE SAME SIZE. A FULLER TOP IS A NO-NO IN MY OPINION.

I view my job not just as an injector but as a “beauty doctor”. My aim is to make my patients more beautiful and that does not mean younger. Experienced injectors do not want to turn their patients into cosmetic caricatures against their will. A comprehensive consultation is key to set goals and expectations from the outset. I love that my job is so varied, no two lips are similar. I strive to create beautiful works of art; to maximise your natural facial beauty as my patient. In summary lip fillers can equate to natural lips.

My top tip: Do your research and ask to see your injectors own before and after pictures. It’s all about the subtlety which adds finesse and results in beautiful not “filled lips” .