Nose Reshaping in Stillorgan, Co. Dublin

Noses come in all shapes, sizes and colours. Until now you probably thought it was something you had to accept and get used to! But now that we are offering nose reshaping here at Cosmetic Doctor you don’t have to! If you aren’t happy with the shape of your nose it is often the first thing that you will notice when you see photographs of yourself, or when you look in the mirror you might find your eye drawn to the imperfection.

Non-Surgical Nose Reshaping

Nose reshaping will give you more confidence and make you more comfortable with your appearance. It is a very popular non-surgical option now available to those who may have not been able to afford nose restructuring through surgery, or those that may be told that their issue is not bad enough to warrant the risks associated with surgery. Nose reshaping in this way makes the treatment more accessible to all people

Nose Reshaping with Dermal Fillers

Using dermal filler Dr Fay has successful reshaped countless noses. Most often we will see client’s with bumps on the nose, dips or deep scars on the bridge. This can be as a result of breaking your nose in the past, or having surgery or removal of moles and skin tags, some people are born with a more hollow bridge area. There are countless reasons why you may need filler treatment in your nose. Dr Fay injects filler directly into this area and shapes the nose to give a natural and subtle change. The filler does exactly as the word suggests, it ‘fills’ out the gap or mark and gives the nose a straighter and more balanced appearance. The results should last from 12-18 months, and the great news is it is painless. Dr Fay will apply an anaesthetic cream to the nose to numb the area, then she will inject filler that also contain anaesthetic, most patients feel nothing! The treatment is quick to perform and you can go back to your daily routine straight away.

If you have recently broken your nose, we would advise you to wait until your nose is fully healed so we can see what shape the nose has healed in, and then we can schedule your nose reshaping. You may need between 1-2 treatments to ensure that the correct amount of product has been injected into the nose.
The results are instant and the treatment can make a huge difference to your overall appearance, the procedure is completely safe and Dr Fay is highly trained in treating this area.

There is no need to put up with it, if you aren’t happy then get in touch today. Book in for a cosmetic consult and Dr Fay will be able to advise you, if you are a suitable candidate then we can usually perform the treatment on the same day. Call Cosmetic Doctor on 01 685 3100 for an appointment!