xmas_lipsIt’s that time of the year again where we want to shine. Parties, high heels and bubbles are on the agenda and the spot light is on us look glamorous and sexy. We shop for clothes, get a new haircut and paint our nails Rudolf red, but we don’t have to stop there. Now we can look at facial rejuvenation to give us the overall glamorous look that we seek for those special parties and get-together’s synonymous with all things Christmas. We want to look as youthful and fresh as we can. A full, youthful pout is one of the things we can look at in order to apply our favourite lipstick and look our very best for the festive season, and beyond.

The skin on our lips is constantly moisturised from within by Hyaluronic Acid, a naturally occurring sugar within the body. The skin starts to lose Hyaluronic Acid over time and lines begin to appear around the mouth and we lose volume and that hydrated appearance. We can develop vertical or “marionette” lines around the mouth which can, in turn, cause the corners of the mouth to to droop and cause us to look sad and drawn. Something we really don’t want at a glamorous party.

At Cosmetic Doctor. IE Dr Lisa Fay has perfected the art of lip filler treatment using Juvéderm® Ultra, a tested and approved Hyaluronic Acid, temporary dermal filler which can hold many times it’s own weight in water and gives the lip area a volumous, smooth and moisturised appearance. This season, Dr Fay wishes all her patients to experience a youthful and glamorous appearance and to feel as special as this time of year, so she is offering lip filler treatment with Juvéderm® Ultra at €300 for 0.5ml and €350 for 1ml. Dr Fay will consult with you to discuss the look you would like to achieve and advise on the best course of treatment for your needs.

The treatment is fairly straightforward and is not uncomfortable as Juvéderm® Ultra contains an anaesthetic called Lidocaine which helps to numb the area treated. The procedure takes around 10-20 minutes and you will be advised on aftercare by Dr Fay. You will not be able to drink anything hot until the anaesthetic wears off as a precaution against scalding ( as the area will be numb for some time ) and you may experience some very slight swelling and bruising which can be covered by light make up, 6 hours post treatment. There are very few risks and contraindications with todays’ dermal fillers but Dr Fay will take your medical history and explain all potential risks prior to any treatment being undergone. It is recommended that you have the treatment well in advance of any parties or special events so that any bruising or swelling can subside. You will be able to see results immediately, however it takes between 2 and 4 weeks for the full effects to appear. Results can last anything from 4 to 6 months but this does vary from patient to patient.

It’s the season to shine, therefore why not treat yourself to fuller, sexier, younger and more beautiful looking lips.