Try Tear Trough Treatment at Cosmetic Doctor, Dublin

Suffering from Under-Eye Bags

If you always look a bit exhausted despite having adequate sleep, it’s annoying to have people constantly asking if you’re ok; are you terribly tired, and let’s face it- it’s ageing.

A tear tough treatment from Cosmetic Doctor Dublin can help eliminate those under-eye issues.

What is the Tear Trough?

The tear trough is a depression between the fat of the lower eyelid and the bulk of the cheek. As the malar fat pad descends with time and gravity, it becomes more obvious.

As we age, this delicate skin under the eye becomes quite lax, and the cheek fat begins to descend down into the middle of the face, leaving semi-circular creases and depressions that are known as ‘tear toughs’.

Add to this the fact that the eyelid fat begins to protrude forward, and you’ll notice an increasingly accentuated ‘trough’ at the rim of the eye socket.

These depressions make the eyes look ‘sunken’ and produce the illusion of darkening around the eyes resulting in ‘dark circles’ or ‘tired eyes’.

How are Dermal Fillers used on Under-eye hollows?

Dermal fillers can be used to eliminate the hollows beneath your eyes and bring them back from the depths.

By ‘lifting’ these depressions, it can take away the tired appearance and lighten the dark circles caused by shadowing. Introduced under the skin using very fine needles, fillers re-create the plump, firm foundation your delicate under eye area had previously.

In some cases, a surgical blepharoplasty may be the only way to permanently address tear troughs; but it depends on the patient and it’s worth having a consultation with Dr. Fay to find out is a non-invasive filler can help your particular case, avoiding the risk and expense of surgery.

Will dermal filler work for everyone?

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Not necessarily; this is why the consultation process is so important. In some cases no treatment is beneficial for true tear troughs; the appearance of dark circles may also be the result of small blood vessels under the skin beneath our eyes.

These blood vessels can cause the appearance of dark circles when they swell beyond their normal size (e.g. due to nasal congestion, smoking or fluid retention) or when the surface skin doesn’t conceal them well due to thinning skin. Genetics can also be a factor, particularly those with either very fair skin or darker skin types, who are just prone to dark circles. In these situations it is more advisable to conceal than to correct.

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