Who should consider an IPL treatment?

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Have you had too many Summers in the sun? If you are just back from the Cote D’Azur, Marbella or any other sun haunt and can see the ageing effects of the sun on your skin, IPL or Intense Pulsed Light treatment may be the treatment for you. Freckles might look sweet in your 20’s, but into your 30s, 40s, and 50’s, pigmentation and sun spots can be just as ageing as lines and wrinkles. Hyper pigmentation also makes your skin appear older. Pigmentation issues occurs when the skin produces too much pigment ( melanin) most commonly due to sun exposure.  You can stop the progression of ageing in it tracks with IPL Photorejuvenation treatments.

What happens during an IPL treatment?

Light is administered using a hand- held device that pulses specific wavelengths of light deep into the skin.  IPL makes a huge difference to your skin. IPL treatments remove pigmentation, rejuvenates and addresses sun damage all at the same time. It also works by stimulating collagen resulting in plumper, younger and refreshed skin.

What happens during your initial consultation for an IPL treatment?

At cosmeticdoctor, Slievemore Clinic during your consultation we perform a full skin analysis using our Profect complexion analysis system. This identifies sun damage before it shows on the surface.

Top tips after IPL treatments, include to always wear a sunscreen on your face, neck, cleavage and hands to prevent sun damage and pigmentation reappearing. Never spray perfume on your neck or chest because the chemicals in perfumes are photosensitising. This means that you may be more prone to pigmentation. Spray perfumes on your clothes or behind your ears instead.

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