IPL laser suite Dublin
Cosmetic Doctor has a state-of-the-art Laser Suite where we use both laser and IPL for a
variety of treatments.

IPL involves the use of short bursts of a spectrum of different colour light wavelengths onto
the skin from a xenon flashlamp. Depending on the issue being targeted, different filters can
be applied to the IPL device to address problems like broken veins or hyperpigmentation.

The energy from the IPL device causes a heat reaction in the targeted tissue and breaks
down pigmentation or collapses broken veins, and the body’s natural recovery process results
in unblemished, healthy skin in the treated areas.

IPL Treats

 Facial veins
 Facial redness and Rosacea
 Sun damage and pigmentation marks
 Aged skin using Photorejuvenation*

*Photorejuvenation stimulates collagen production, minimises fine lines and wrinkles
And improves skin tone and texture.

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