Age Spots and Sun Spots Treatment

As we age, years of sun exposure takes a toll on our skin. Many start noticing some pigmentation on their skin, small freckles a years ago have now become spots. The most common areas for sun spots to manifest are on areas most often exposed to the sun which includes the face, hands, arms. In most cases, sun spots are not harmful and require no treatment unless there is a history of recent change which includes increase in size or unusual colour variation within the sun spot itself.

Sunscreen is vital in the prevention of pigentation and sun or age spots. Make sure that your sunscreen offers protection against UVA rays, the rays responsible for pigmentation. Sunspots are not harmful but many individuals present to have them treated because they look unsightly.

What treatment would you recommend for age spots?

Sun spots are brown pigmented spots which can age your complexion. Age spots are due to excessive sun exposure.

Top Tip: Wear at least Factor 30 sunscreen on your face daily

At Slievemore Laser and Medical Skin Care Clinic all clients are seen by a medical doctor for advice. IPL (Intense Pulsed light treatment) is very effective as a treatment for sun spots. Usually a series of 4-5 treatments are necessary. An alternative treatment option is a medium depth chemical peel e.g Trichloracetic acid (TCA peels).

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