Laser hair removal has fast become the hair removal method of choice for women and men of this generation. Gone are the days when we had to rely on shaving and waxing! Now we have hair removal options that are more permanent. Here at the laser suite in the Slievemore clinic we are often asked the following questions.

What is laser hair removal?

Laser hair removal is the long term removal of hair using a laser. The laser produces a gentle burst of laser light which penetrates into the skin and targets the brown pigment in the hair known as melanin. This brown pigment soaks up the light energy and converts it into heat, when it heats up the hair follicle is disabled, and the hair growth mechanism is disabled.

What lasers are used for laser hair removal?

There are a variety of different lasers used on the market today.

  • IPL-Intense pulsed light, is used in some clinics for laser hair removal.
  • Nd-Yag- is a type of laser used for hair removal in dark skinned clients.
  • Alexandrite laser- a laser used to treat laser hair removal in lighter skinned clients.

Laser Hair Removal for ALL Skin Types

Which laser system do we use in our Laser clinic?

Here at the Slievemore clinic we have a variety of different lasers to treat different skin types. It was often the case that dark skinned clients were unable to benefit from laser hair removal, as there was no laser that could be used safely for this skin type. Here at Slievemore laser and skincare clinic, we can safely treat all skin types.

At the Slievemore clinic we use the Cynosure elite laser system. This laser is regarded as the ‘gold standard’ for laser treatments. It is more effective than IPL and is excellent at removing unwanted hair. It also gives a much more superior treatment compared to other lasers currently on the market. This is why the laser we use is known as a ‘medical grade laser’ our laser is only operated by nurses and advanced practitioners who have been thoroughly trained, with excellent experience. We are a very popular clinic for laser hair removal in Dublin!

What do I do prior to treatment?

We first need you to book for a laser patch test; this takes about 15-20 minutes. We need you to have no false tan on the area to be treated for one week prior to you patch test, and no natural sun tan for 6 weeks before. You attend the clinic with the skin freshly shaved.

What happens during the patch test?

During your patch test we will take a detailed medical history. Then we will explain the procedure to you. It is also an opportunity for you to ask us any questions you might have. Then we will test the skin and hair using different settings. We watch to see how your skin will respond. Then you will continue to monitor your reaction to the test at home. Then you will return for your full treatment in approximately one week.

What areas can I have treated?

At our laser clinic we can treat a very wide range of areas; we can treat almost any area

How often do I need to have my treatments?

You will attend every 4-6 weeks for the face, and about every 6-8 weeks for other areas. You will need between 6-8 treatments, although this is only an approximate as every client’s hair growth cycle is different. We usually recommend a course of 4-8 treatments we will advise you of your treatment intervals at your laser patch test consultation.

At Slievemore clinic we offer excellent hair removal packages. We also have a laser hair price match guarantee; we will match the price quoted to you by another establishment. Feel free to call us on 01 685 3100 to book your patch test today!

For more information, and details of our laser hair packages, contact us on cosmeticdoctor@slievemore-clinic.com

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