Laser Hair Removal and Tanned Skin

Can I get Laser Hair Removal if I have a Tan?

It’s not recommended, simply because laser works best on dark hair against light skin. This is because laser light seeks the dark pigment, melanin, in the hair shaft and travels down it to destroy the hair follicle in a process called selective thermolysis, where the light energy becomes heat energy.

As it only targets the melanin in the hair, the surrounding skin is untouched. However, if you get a tan, the surrounding skin is also dark which ‘confuses’ the laser and may not be safe.

This is one of the reasons why all laser clients at Cosmetic Doctor in Dublin get a consultation to discuss the best option for their skin and hair type, and are given clear instructions prior to treatment about what to do.

If your skin is normally fair and you just returned from an amazing tropical vacation where you were sun bathing, boating, hiking and bike riding then it would probably be best if you waited a few weeks and stayed out of the sun before starting or continuing your Laser hair Removal treatments.

On the other hand if you aren’t a sun worshiper and you keep yourself covered with fabric or with sunscreen, then sure, you shouldn’t have a problem.

This doesn’t mean that you can’t get laser treatment done in the summer; it depends on what areas have been exposed and what areas have been covered up or protected.

Laser Hair Removal and Darker Skin

Cosmetic Doctor use a laser called the ND YAG on darker skin, as melanin (in the skin) absorbs short wavelengths of light such as UV Light, and the ability of melanin to absorb light decreases as you go to longer and longer wavelengths, thereby decreasing risk to darker skin.

As a general rule, after laser treatment you’ll be asked to refrain from tanning over the course of hair removal treatments. While this may not be an ideal solution for people, it can help avoid treatments that aren’t effective and can prevent potential issues like skin discoloration.

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