Laser Hair Removal Treatments

Cosmetic Doctor in Dublin has a state-of-the-art laser clinic, and many patients who suffer from polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) come to see Dr. Lisa Fay to address their excess hair.

PCOS is an endocrine disorder that affects around 10% of Irish women. Many have been prescribed specific medication, often after attending an endocrinologist, in an attempt to control the condition, which causes a range of symptoms from weight gain to high blood pressure; all as a result of high testosterone levels in patients who have PCOS.

What is PCOS?

Polycystic ovaries develop when a woman’s ovaries begin to produce high amounts of androgens, which are male hormones.

Testosterone in one of the main culprits, and the underlying causes are complex. Women prone to PCOS have either high levels of a luteinizing hormone in their pituitary gland, and/or high levels of insulin in the blood.

Their ovaries are sensitive to these stimuli, and women with PCOS syndrome usually display multiple ovarian cysts when examined using an ultrasound. Although referred to as cysts, they are actually immature follicles.

How is PCOS diagnosed?

Issues with ovulation, obvious excess androgens, and the appearance of multiple ‘cysts’ on the ovaries during an ultrasound are the most commonly observed symptoms.

An endocrinologist will rule out any other potential endocrine system disorders to make a conclusive diagnosis.

Symptoms of PCOS 

Irregular, few, or absent periods are common in women with PCOS, and one of the most distressing symptoms is increased body and facial hair. It can also cause hair loss from the head, in a male pattern baldness fashion.

Skin problems such as acne, oily skin and seborrhoea are frequent, and Cosmetic Doctor also run an Acne Treatment Clinic where they see a number of patients with PCOS related skin trouble.

Correct Diagnosis and Treatment of Symptoms

Dr. Lisa Fay is a General Practitioner, and as Cosmetic Doctor is a doctor-led clinic, she can help patients with PCOS to find an endocrinologist by referral. Once medication management is underway, Cosmetic Doctor can help patients keep their excess hair under control with regular laser hair removal treatments.

Skin issues can be effectively addressed with a variety of medical grade skin products and treatments.

Dr. Fay will ensure each patient receives a thorough and comprehensive evaluation for their specific needs, to develop a treatment plan designed to help women with PCOS gain control over their skin and excess hair problems.

If you would like to make an appointment, just call the clinic on 01 685 3100 or see our Laser Hair Removal page.