Your skin ageing prescription

As we age skin looses its elasticity and even tone. Lines and wrinkles develop and the effects of gravity start to become visible. Your cheeks become deflated, brows droop, lips thin and jowls are more pronounced. At different ages we all have different skin care needs. Whether you are 20 or in your 70’s there are simple steps you can take to maintain your looks. At Cosmeticdoctor, we take skin health very seriously. Here is our anti-ageing prescription.

Early 20’s

In your early 20’s your skin is youthful and supple. Skin tone is usually even with good elasticity and minimal wrinkling. Because your skin is so good, minimal makeup is required. You cannot envisage growing old and developing wrinkles. Aggressive treatments are not necessary but your skincare regimen should focus on PREVENTION.

It is all about skin health! Daily use of sunscreen is vital to keep your skin looking youthful.
Your daily skincare routine should involve the use of a cleanser to induce light exfoliation, a gentle scrub once weekly removes dead skin cells and vitamin C antioxidant serum.

Mid 20’s -30’s

The tell tale signs of ageing are starting to develop. Fine lines are now visible around your eyes especially when you smile. Your skin is firm with good elasticity however it is not as bright and supple as it was a few years ago.

The treatment principle is still PREVENTION with daily use of your sunscreen. Again aggressive treatments are not necessary. Only a light exfoliation treatment every few months is necessary e.g. Microdermabrasion or glycolic peels. Professional skin care obtained through a medical skincare clinic will produce much better results than those obtained at cosmetic counters.

Home care should incorporate a gentle scrub once to twice weekly. Contrary to popular belief it is now better to apply your antioxidant or vitamin c serum at night. Your night time eye treatment should be upgraded to creams using antioxidants and vitamin A or retinols.


Ok, now when you look in the mirror you can detect a difference from when you were in your 20’s but everyone tells you that you are imagining it. Crow’s feet are not just smile lines any more in your book. There is slight deepening of your nasolabial folds. A very slight depressed hollow or shadow is visible on your cheek in certain lights and your eyes are starting to look hollow. There is minor loss of skin firmness and tone.

Treatments should focus on REPAIR.

You should exfoliate more frequently to stimulate your skin. At this stage you are going to have to ” up the ante” and to maintain your skin in its current condition which will involve a little more time and investment. However rest assured this will pay dividends in the end! Professional treatments such as superficial chemical peels 3-6 per year will help increase the penetration of your home care products. Occasional microdermabrasion treatments will increase skin cell turnover. Your home care should include an exfoliating cleanser, daily sunscreen and antioxidant morning and evening. Anti wrinkle injections and dermal fillers injected strategically can make a subtle but noticeable difference. Everyone will notice but no one will know your secret.


When you look at your school photos, you wonder where the years have gone and you look around and your kids teachers look like they should be in school themselves. Does this sound familiar? You have definite forehead lines and deeper nasolabial folds. These lines are not going anywhere and are present at rest even when you are not making any facial expression. Your skin looses its elasticity especially in delicate areas such as your neck, lower face, eye area and forehead. The key at this stage is REPAIR and EXFOLIATION. For oily congested skin microdermabrasion is vital. 2-3 TCA 15-20% peels annually really help to improve skin texture, modify pores, correct pigmentation and sun damage. If facial redness or veins are your problem then IPL is the treatment of choice for you. Home care should incorporate sunscreen, antioxidants or a vitamin C serum and retinoids or vitamin A derivatives. Anti wrinkle injections and dermal fillers particularly volumising treatments using Radiesse, Restylane Sq or Juvederm Voluma in skilled hands can make the world of difference. Skin tightening using revolutionary devices such as INTRAcel using many needles to deliver radiofrequency current to the dermis maximises collagen production.


If you have sailed through your 20-40’s and have great skin, lucky you. Either you are very fortunate in terms of your genes or you have been a good skincare student.

If however deep wrinkles, nasolabial folds, cheek flattening are getting you down there are solutions. IPL, dermapen, TCA peels, anti wrinkle injections, dermal fillers and INTRAcel can leave you looking refreshed. No one can turn back time but we can promise a younger and a more restful looking you.

Skin ageing is inevitable but we are fortunate that we are living in an era where there are many tools from medical skincare creams to botox and fillers at our disposal to help us reverse the ageing process.