Cleansing with ZO Medical Therapeutic Solutions

The first step in addressing chronic skin disorders is ensuring the skin is correctly and effectively cleansed of dirt and impurities, without damaging the delicate Ph. balance or stripping the skin.

If the skin isn’t cleansed, any topical treatments merely sit on top of a layer of oil and dirt rather than sinking into the skin where they are needed.

NormaCleanse – ZO Skin Health

This unique formulation gently cleans and conditions the skin. It contains an advanced surfactant (a compound that lowers the surface tension between liquids, or between liquid and skin) which works to gently remove impurities and excess oil, preparing the skin to receive therapeutic treatments.

More than just a cleanser, NormaCleanse contains:

  • Highly advanced surfactant matrix removes impurities
  • Peptide and collagen-boosting complex helps firm the skin
  • Moisturizing complex nourishes and calms the skin

OilaCleanse – ZO Skin Health

This dual-action cleanser is designed to exfoliate skin whilst targeting excess oil. It’s ideal for removing excess oil without stripping the skin.

Harsh chemicals in other products can trigger traumatised skin to overproduce sebum; but OilaCleanse will clean the skin and clear acne without counterproductive stripping.

Great for Acne sufferers, OilaCleanse will:

  • Reduce the factors that contribute to skin inflammation
  • Help decrease the level of bacteria on skin surface
  • Promote exfoliation

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