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INTRAcel is an amazing treatment that can reduce the signs of ageing, eliminate wrinkles, minimize pores and reduce acne scarring with little or no downtime.

The innovative skin tightening treatment has been hailed as one of the most effective procedures on the market as it combines three revolutionary skin rejuvenating techniques – radiofrequency, micro-needling and fractional resurfacing.

The body steadily loses collagen and elastin after the age of 20, resulting in the first signs of ageing beginning to appear in the form of lines and wrinkles, usually around the eyes, forehead and mouth.

INTRAcel stimulates collagen and elastin growth, which make up the connective tissue that keeps skin firm and tight.

Advantages of INTRAcell

Compared to existing skin resurfacing treatments that used ablative lasers to burn skin, INTRAcel uses 49 individual micro-needles that are coated along their sides.

This special coating transports radiofrequency energy to the dermis (middle layer of skin) when the micro-needles puncture the skin.

The energy emitted by radiofrequency stimulates fibroblast cells that produce collagen and elastin so that an increased amount of these skin proteins are created under the skin.

By doing so, skin will appear plumper with lines and wrinkles being significantly reduced as collagen and elastin fibrils fill out the site of the skin indent.

INTRAcel also lifts and tightens sagging skin and can be used to address neck jowls and deep smoker’s lines.

The INTRAcel treatment

Dr. Fay will apply a topical anaesthetic to the treatment area before treatment to minimize any patient discomfort.

During the INTRAcel treatment, the skin is penetrated with insulated micro needles to create tiny columns into the dermis.

Depending on the desired outcome by each patient, the depth of treatment with INTRAcel can be altered accordingly.

After treatment skin heals rapidly as INTRAcel is a non-ablative procedure that enables patients to return to their normal routine quickly after treatment.

Skin may appear red and slightly swollen immediately after an INTRAcel appointment at Cosmetic Doctor, but this usually subsides within a few hours.

Often, skin will become dry and appear flaky in the days after treatment, but this is entirely normal.

Once the skin sheds, it is a sign that new collagen and elastin is being generated and patients can look forward to seeing results in the coming weeks.

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