Skin Tightening in Dublin

INTRAcel is the groundbreaking, non-surgical skin tightening treatment available at Cosmetic Doctor that can turn back the clock on sagging skin and drooping eyelids.

The revolutionary skin resurfacing treatment uses powerful and effective radio frequency energy to administer targeted heat energy below the surface of the skin.

INTRAcel also incorporates fractional resurfacing and micro-needling to maximize skin renewal and cell turnover; allowing for overall tightening of loose skin and a notable improvement in skin texture.

New age treatment for signs of ageing

Compared to traditional fractional lasers, INTRAcel is more patient friendly as it does not damage the outer layer of skin.

Insulated super-fine micro needles that are carefully space to allow for rapid healing and new tissue growth; are used to carefully puncture the skin’s surface to deliver radio frequency energy below the skin.

The introduction of this energy to the middle layer of skin triggers the body’s natural collagen producing function.

The creation of new collagen under the skin results in a tightening and plumping effect of the skin, so that lines and wrinkles are filled and any loose, sagging skin is firm and taut.

Treat various skin issues

The skin rejuvenating treatment which is carried out by Dr. Fay is always tailored to the patient’s cosmetic needs, as INTRAcel is suitable for a range of skin complaints, including:

  • Wrinkles and fine lines
  • Skin laxity
  • Acne scarring
  • Large pores
  • Stretch marks

Improved results with treatment series

Visible improvements in skin texture and wrinkle reduction can begin to show as early as seven days after treatment, with the overall efficacy of INTRAcel clearly notable after a series of three treatments, carried out once a month.

With repeated INTRAcel treatments; the rate of new collagen produced in the skin is hugely increased which will transform your skin’s appearance and leave you looking younger with a more radiant complexion.

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