Chemical Facial Peels

What is a chemical peel?

A chemical peel uses an acid that dissolves the fatty bonds that hold skin cells together. There are light depth peels like glycolic which is a fruit acid, and there are medium depth peels like TCA tricloracetic acid.

Do they cause your skin to peel?

No they do not, they dissolve fatty bonds that hold dead skin cells together and cause an exfoliation of those dead skin cells. TCA peels will result in some peeling usually 2-4 days after the peel is performed.

Are they painful?

No they are not, you may find your skin tingles a little or may feel itchy, but we give you a fan to make the peel very comfortable.

Do they take long?

No between 3- 10 minutes to perform a peel.

How long should I leave between peels or other treatments?

You should leave 10 days to 2 weeks between peels.

I use retin A can I have a peel?

Please do not use any Retin A products for one week before a glycolic peel/blue peel radiance and do not use Retin A based products for 2 weeks before a TCA peel. This includes any topical retinoid either in day to day products or prescribed by Dr Fay

I’m taking medication?

The number 1 medicine, we do not treat patients if they are on Roaccutane for one year after they finish or while they are on it.
In addition if you are pregnant or breast feeding it is not advisable to have a chemical peel.

Can I have laser treatment after my peel?

You must wait 2 weeks between a glycolic peel and any other facial treatment?

Where can I treat?

Peels can be performed on the face, neck, chest, back and upper arms and hands.

How many peels should I have?

It is recommended you have a course of 4 glycolic peels, or 2 to 3 TCA peels but this depends on the problem and Dr Fay’s recommendation for TCA.

Will there be any downtime?

There is very little downtime after a glycolic peel/ Blue peel radiance? You may feel your skin more sensitive for 48 hours and your skin feels like you have minor sunburn, but people usually return to normal activities very soon. For TCA peel there is some downtime as your skin will peel and flake off 4 days after the peel and it can be red, but usually it is minimal and resolves very quickly.

Are there any side effects?

When any chemical peel is performed there is always a risk of side effects, there is a risk of a cold sore breakout or a spot breakout and there are more serious side effects, but when performed by properly trained medical practitioners they are safe and effective.