Stretch Mark treatments

What can I do to get rid of stretch marks?

Stretch marks are notoriously difficult to treat effectively. Dr. Lisa Fay expains that whilst treatments such as dermaroller micro-needling, ablative lasers and thermage may improve the appearance of stretch marks, these treatments do not guarantee removal. Results may vary from one individual to the next.

Micro-needling is a procedure which produces tiny puncture wounds in the skin which stimulates your skin to produce more collagen.

Topical anaesthetic cream is applied to your skin for 30-45 minutes. The micro-needling device which is a sterile roller obtaining hundreds of tiny needles is rolled repeatedly over the skin in different directions. The devices are single use which means after use it is disposed of.
After your procedure, the treated area will appear quite red similar to the appearance of sun burn. This is short lived however and usually resolves after 24 hours.

For further details on medical micro-needling for stretch marks, contact Slievemore Laser and Skincare Clinic, Dublin 01-2000500.