Beyond Melasma

Before and after 3 weeks Obagi Nu Derm treatment for melasma . Our model had tried Pixel laser, laser and TCA peels to remove her pigmentation. She felt that Obagi Nu Derm produced the best results which exceeded her expectations.

Treating melasma is probably the most popular indication for Obagi Nu Derm. Afterwards skin appears more beautiful and more youthful. ¬†Pioneered by Dr. Zein Obagi, Obagi Nu Derm is a revolutionary skincare regimen which has a proven track record in treating melasma or “mask of pregnancy”. It airbrushes uneven pigmentation resulting in fantastic skin as a bonus. Among it’s many applications Obagi Nu Derm can be used to treat pigmentation, acne, acne scarring and even provide anti-ageing benefits. Obagi Nu Derm provides facial rejuvenation to brighten and refresh skin whilst minimising pore size.

What is so special about Obagi Nu Derm?

Obagi Nu Derm is a cosmeceuticals range which contains prescription strength agents such as retinoids, hydroquinine (a bleaching agent) and either phytic or glycolic acid. These agents when used in combination, remove the outer surface layer of skin revealing fresher layers which ultimately give you a more youthful, healthier appearance.   It is important to point out that redness, flaking and peeling occur for the first 4-6 weeks. Our model Louise has compiled an image diary from week 1 to 4 depicting the level of peeling and flaking to expect.

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