Breakthrough in Skin Technology only at Cosmetic Doctor: INTRAcel

For more than 20 years doctors have been aware known that radio frequency energy (RF) was highly effective for non-surgical tightening, but they couldn’t find a way to deliver that energy without damaging the skin surface.

INTRAcel now provides the ideal mode of delivery, and can only be used by a doctor. You’ll find it exclusive to Cosmetic Doctor in Ireland.

Ideal INTRAcel Candidate

The ideal patient has mild-to-moderate skin laxity including fine lines around the eyes and slightly loose upper eyelids, mild-to-moderate eye bags and nasolabial folds. Perhaps the jawline is beginning to lose definition. Acne scarring patients are also ideal candidates, especially if they have some skin laxity too.

One of the reasons INTRAcel is so impressive is that it offers the doctor adjustable needle depth, unlike all other microneedle devices.

This is important in treatment lines and wrinkles as well as the bubbly cobblestone appearance that people see on their chin as they age.

Acne Scars, Wrinkles and Tightening

INTRAcel excels at treating acne scars. Acne scars are one of the most difficult things to treat, and successful treatment has a significant impact on a patient’s quality-of life and self-image.

Dr. Fay can choose superficial depth and create superficial thermal injury, but the same patient may also present with deeper lines in the upper lip, which require deeper deposition of RF energy.

INTRAcel allows her to sequentially layer individual packets of thermal injury at different depths within the dermis. This ability to create such a wide variety of effective ‘wound’ patterns gives her the ability to deal with different skin issues in a single session.

Fast Treatment; minimal damage

Also, INTRAcel’s array of 49 needles makes treatment more rapid than other devices. The needles penetrate for only a fraction of a second, just long enough for energy to be delivered, which speeds treatment and reduces damage to the skin.

When the needles are withdrawn, there is no wound because tissue pressure closes it automatically. There may be some irritation, as always when you inject, and if there is minor bleeding you just wipe it away. After about 20 minutes the patient can begin preparing to leave.

The combination of treatment variety, safety and no downtime make INTRAcel one of the best devices on the market today.

Series of Treatments for Best Results

Typically, for skin rejuvenation, patients come in for a series of three superficial treatments, performed once monthly.

This results in skin tightening, a decrease in pore size, new collagen formation and a radiant glow. As with many devices the full result will mature over the course of several months.

The healing cycle that delivers the final outcome is well known and cannot be rushed, and visible results begin to show as early as one week after the initial treatment. Results will continue improving with time.

About a month after the first treatment, patients begin to appreciate a more dramatic result, for example acne scars will be less visible, skin will be tighter and pore size diminished.

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